Since 2004, Acme Branding Company has led some of the world’s most respected brands into the Connection Economy.

How have we done it? We have the best tools.

The Connection Economy is built on connecting the customer directly to what they want. To win in the Connection Economy, your company needs to have the tools that allow your customers to perform the four items required to succeed in the connection economy.

Your customers have to give you permission to market to them.

This is how Facebook works. This is how Amazon works. This is how Apple and Microsoft work. The Connection Economy has a door, and getting permission to market to your customers is the key. Does your website first ask to get permission to market to your customer? Do you have the e-mail account of all your customers? No? Well, neither did Sears. Neither did GM or Chrysler. Permission is the key to the Connection Economy.

In the Connection Economy the customer relationship is just between you and them.

Do they trust you? The power of your brand lives in the minds of your customers. To unleash that power you first have to establish trust. Trust is built on one thing, consistency. Do you have the platform to prove your consistency? How do you tell the story that you are more trustworthy than your competitor?

Idea Exchange
The fuel of the Connection Economy is the idea.

You have them. Your customers have them. But how do they get exchanged? How do your existing customers talk to other existing customers? How do your existing customers talk to potential customers? It can’t be on “Social Media” because that breaks the trust. Once you allow your competitors the ability to mine your customers, your customers no longer trust you. Facebook does not have a Twitter page. Twitter does not have Snapchat. None of these successful connection economy companies would ever share with their competitor. You can’t either. You must own your own idea exchange system. You have to know who your tribe is by first getting their permission and then establishing their trust. Then the idea exchange will flow.

Everything must be in one place.

Connection Economy customers require that a company has every element of its business coordinated in one spot. Simplicity wins. They don’t want product information on one website, new product and tribal information on six different social media platforms, a separate log in for purchasing, order tracking or having to go back to social media to proudly show off their purchase. Everyone and everything must exist in one coordinated system that allows your customers to perform every required function in one simple location.

Are you ready for the Connection Economy?

Acme Branding Company has the best tools for the Connection Economy. We built them all ourselves and we built them all in America. Call us or email to set up an appointment to find out just how easy it is to win your space.